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When you purchase Nebula you will receive an email with a download link. The download is a complete Nebula project file for the individual package you purchased or all three, JAR, APK and BIN, if you purchased the Nebula-All package. The project files are targeted to specific free Integrated Development Environments (IDEs).


The Intellij Idea (community edition is fine) IDE is used for the JAR package. The JAR package is for Linux, Windows or MacOS devices that have Java installed.

The Android Studio IDE is used for the APK package. The APK package is for Android phones, tablets or single board computers.

The Arduino IDE is used for the BIN package. The BIN package is targeted towards the popular ESP8266/32 WiFi modules however the .ino source code can be utilized on any network capable Arduino board or compatible.


Specific instructions for installing and using the IDEs is available on the DOCUMENTS page.


From the IDEs you will open the project file then install and run Nebula on a device. The device will run the Nebula project code but you are free to add, modify or delete code as needed for your own networked projects.

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